Month: January 2022

Legal Aid legal aid

Online claims can now be made when you are accepting judicial expenses. From 1 June 2022, paper synopsis will no longer be accepted.

When the police or courts are involved, you need specialist legal advice you can trust. Criminal legal

Law And Courts legal

Unless the money is returned, we shall shortly be contacting our legal department. She won the court case, but she had to pay an enormous amount in legal fees. Last year, the Chinese government told employers that a work schedule …

How To Become A Lawyer lawyer

American lawyers have a profitable monopoly on dispensing advice about probate law . In most developed countries, the legislature has granted original jurisdiction over highly technical matters to executive branch administrative agencies which oversee such things. In a few countries, …

Barrister Vs Solicitor barrister

Learn all about becoming a barrister and the different components of Bar training including information for transferring lawyers. Members of the public can now instruct barristers who are qualified under the Direct Access scheme. Several thousand barristers are now qualified …