Anarchism: Knowing the True Meaning of Anarchism

Anarchism: Knowing the True Meaning of Anarchism

Anarchism is an ideology that wants individual freedom without the state regulating it.

Anarchism is teaching (understanding) that opposes the power of any state. This political theory does not like the existence of government and law.

Here’s what it means according to some experts:

Peter Kropotkin

The anarchist philosopher, Peter Kropotkin in his work entitled Kropotkin’s Revolutionary Pamphlet (1927), argues that:
“Anarchism is a social system without a government, it started among humans and will maintain its vitality and creativity as long as it is a human movement.”

Alexander Berkman

In his book, What is Anarchism Communism? (1929), Alexander Berkman explains: “Anarchism is not a bomb, chaos or chaos. Not robbery and murder. Nor is it a war of the few against all. It doesn’t mean a return to a life of barbarism or a wild state of humanity.”
Anarchism is the opposite of it all. Means you have to be free. That no one can enslave you, be your master, rob you, or coerce you.
“From Berkman’s explanation, it appears that anarchism is not related to violence. Anarchism wants freedom.

Mikhail Bakunin

Anarchism is also different from socialism. In Bakunin’s book Political Philosophy (1953), Mikhail Bakunin gave a statement that reads:
“Freedom without socialism is injustice, and socialism without freedom is slavery and brutality.”

Things anarchism oppose

  1. Against corporations and capitalism. Anarchists oppose economic discrimination that only benefits the upper class.
  2. Combat racism. Anarchists assert that all races, nations, classes, and colors are equal or equal.
  3. Against sexism. Anarchists consider men, women, and even beyond the two sexes to be equal in every way.
  4. Against fascism supranationalism. Anarchists think that no nation is superior to another. All nations have the same degree.
  5. Fighting xenophobia or fear of new or unfamiliar things. Thus, anarchists oppose it because xenophobia can lead to fascism.
  6. Against the destruction of the environment, the environment, or all forms of violence against living creatures.
  7. Fight the war and its resources, tools, and equipment. It’s like militarism.
  8. Against arbitrariness over other living beings. Anarchists argue that life cannot be created by humans and that all life should be cherished and cherished.