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These authoritative volumes present the key articles which illuminate the history and development of Liberalism from the seminal contributions of John Locke down to the most recent work by contemporary political theorists such as John Rawls, Richard Rorty and Robert Nozick. Liberalism has inspired several political movements in Europe and in countries influenced by European culture during the last four centuries. It is closely identified with Western civilization in its entirety tracing its origins as far as the pre-Socratic philosophers. Within the electrophysiological part of the examination, the median of participants’ reaction time was 266.9 ms with an interquartile range from 281.8 to 313.3 ms in response to the Go stimuli. The error reaction time to the NoGo stimuli had the median 249.1 ms and the interquartile ranged from 231.7 to 261.2 ms. The median of accuracy for the NoGo condition was 0.75 and 0.97 for the Go condition. In each condition, the accuracy was evaluated as the number of correct responses divided by all possible correct responses.

  • The authors found a statistically significant relationship between the amplitude of the ERN and self-evaluation on the liberalism/conservatism (L/C) axis.
  • In Hungary, the EU has an increasingly illiberal and undemocratic member state.
  • A recent study (Amodio et al., 2007), hereinafter referred to as Am2007, demonstrated that a person’s self-reported political attitude may be closely linked to a neural correlate accompanying a repeated error response, the error related negativity , in a simple laboratory detection task.
  • After completion, the participant sealed his/her questionnaire in an envelope, which was opened after the evaluation of all the electrophysiological data (i.e., from all 100 individuals).
  • To verify this hypothesis, a group of older Czech citizens should be examined.

It begins by suggesting that there is no single essence that defines all visions of liberalism. Rather, one can identify four ‘family resemblances’ that characterise seemingly incompatible variants of liberal thinking. The second section outlines the main ideas of key early modern liberal thinkers, including Locke, Rousseau, Kant and J.S. The third section turns to alternative genealogies that trace the roots to the late Middle Ages and highlight profound continuities between Scotus, Ockham, Suárez, Machiavelli and Hobbes and contemporary liberal thinking (e.g. John Rawls). The final section explores recent debates, notably on social and economic liberalism as well as the much disputed notion of neo-liberalism.

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Examples of stimulation sequence and response during electrophysiological examination. In response to the next NoGo stimulus there was, correctly, no button press, and when the stimulus disappeared the fixation cross was displayed for 700 ms. Through our imprint ECPR Press and via the OUP Comparative Politics book series, we publish research by, and for the political science community. But some of his argument is based on substantial oversimplification or, in a few cases, in factual error. However, this is an advanced political theory module, so having previously studied some history of political thought and/or political theory (e.g. 5SSPP202, 5SSPP238) is a considerable advantage.

In Britain, a populist Conservative government faces a Labour Party with a new, left-liberal leader, Keir Starmer. In France, Marine Le Pen remains a serious threat to Europe’s leading liberal renewer, Emmanuel Macron. In Hungary, the EU has an increasingly illiberal and undemocratic member state.

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Like Neptune’s trident, a renewed liberalism will have three prongs. The first is the defence of traditional liberal values and institutions, such as free speech and an independent judiciary, against threats from both populists and outright authoritarians. Module fees for students continuing on their programme in following years may be subject to annual inflationary increases.

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Social, industrial, political and military factors all led the Liberals to introduce social reform. Our groups and networks are pushing the boundaries of specialist sub-fields of political science, helping to nurture diversity and inclusivity across the discipline. Please note that modules with a practical component will be capped due to educational requirements, which may mean that we cannot guarantee a place to all students who elect to study this module. You’ll also receive our free e-book Prospect’s Top Thinkers and our newsletter with the best writing on politics, economics, society and culture. That memory of colonial oppression has been reinforced, in our own time, by what might loosely be called the west’s liberal wars, such as those in Afghanistan, Libya and Iraq.

This is what Michael Sandel calls the “unencumbered self”, a complete illusion that is nevertheless hegemonic in our governing classes, inculcated through education, communicated through the means of cultural production. For the study we obtained the consent of the Ethical Commission of the University Hospital in Hradec Králové and the work conforms with the 1964 Helsinki Declaration and its later amendments or comparable ethical standards. Each participant was familiarized with the conditions of the study, and informed written consent was obtained from all individual participants included in the study. The video below examines government health reforms and public health from 1875 to 1906. There was growing awareness of the problems of poverty in the early 20th century.