Check If You Can Get Legal Aid legal aid

Legal Aid is also available for some disrepair cases and sometimes to help defend injunction proceedings. If you wish to check on a problem or fault you have already reported, contact DfI Roads. If you wish to report a problem with a road or street you can do so online in this section.

Check how to prepare if a court or tribunal offers you a remote hearing. If you’ve joined a motoring organisation for breakdown cover, you might find they offer cheap or free help, particularly with car or accident legal problems. Check your membership agreement or call them to find out if they can help.

Advicenow is an independent, not-for-profit website providing accurate, up-to-date information on rights and legal issues. If you need professional legal advice, your local advice centre is a good place to start. If you are eligible for legal aid find out how to claim here.

Despite the savage cuts, Legal Aid is still available for some matters. We have a contract with the Legal Aid Agency which enables us to provide free legal advice and assistance in some immigration and housing cases if you have a low income. A defendant’s solicitor may also be able to apply, on their behalf, for legal aid, advice and assistance, under the “Green Form” scheme, for initial consultations. The solicitor will assess a person’s income and decide their financial eligibility under the “Green Form” scheme. You might need to pay something for the legal services you get.


When the police or courts are involved, you need specialist legal advice you can trust. Criminal legal aid can give funding if someone is under police investigation or facing criminal charges. All applications for legal aid should be made by a solicitor. A solicitor can advise you if would qualify for legal aid when they know the circumstances in your case. If you don’t have a solicitor, check the Law Society’s list of solicitors.

  • Citizens Advice can provide support you if you are facing a crisis, or just considering your options.
  • Members have access to discounted training courses and events such as our well-regarded annual conference.
  • Legal Aid is generally available for immigration cases involving asylum, detention & bail, domestic violence and for victims of trafficking or forced labour.
  • We work closely with other representative bodies to raise awareness about the importance of legal aid and the work of legal aid practitioners.
  • If your case is serious and you can’t afford to pay your legal costs, legal aid might pay some or all of them.
  • Some solicitors offer ‘no win, no fee’ as a way of paying for civil cases, such as personal injury.

If you’re going to a tribunal or court without a lawyer, find out where to get help to represent yourself and what a McKenzie Friend, the Personal Support Unit or an interpreter can do. Unions can sometimes offer free legal help such as finding and paying for a solicitor – and not just for work problems. You should check the agreement carefully and ask your solicitor to explain what you might have to pay if you lose your claim. You might be able to get a short appointment with a solicitor for free or a set cost. Other solicitors might work for you on a ‘no win, no fee’ basis.

Civil Legal Aid

If you have your own solicitor, they’ll be able to tell you if they can act for you under your insurance policy. Look at the policy documents for your car, home and other insurance policies to see if any have legal cover. Check whether they cover your type of case and whether they’ll meet all your costs – most policies won’t pay for everything. You can ask your nearest Citizens Advice if they have a list of solicitors offering no win, no fee or free or fixed-fee advice.

You’ll be asked general questions about your legal problem and your income and savings. You’ll usually need to show that you cannot afford to pay for this help. You may have to pay some money towards the legal costs of your case or pay costs back later. This is a free service and can help you with credit and debt problems, housing and property disputes, divorce and separation and immigration and medical negligence. If you are having difficulties with legal problems or have been accused of a crime and you are unable to pay legal fees you may be able to receive legal aid from the Scottish Legal Aid Board.

Online claims can now be made when you are accepting judicial expenses. From 1 June 2022, paper synopsis will no longer be accepted.