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In Tower Hamlets, the former mayor had established his own independent political party and was therefore not subject to any wider party-political influence. The Commissioners reported that this made sourcing mentoring support impossible and also made working with the LGA a challenge. In many instances, the sector led improvement approach (co-ordinated by the Local Government Association – the LGA) to performance and governance has proved successful in supporting councils to improve, without the need for formal intervention. This section brings together Fellows who specialise in political studies, including political theory, government and international relations.

It also challenged prior studies supporting the parasite stress hypothesis which had not included these methodological checks. In another paper, Hackman and Hruschka re-assessed analyses of US data which had previously found an association between pathogen stress and collectivism. With new data stratified by race, they showed the observed associations across states were due exclusively to substantial differences across US Whites and US Blacks.

For example, behavioral studies of children from ages 3 to 14 and adults across six diverse societies, ranging from Congo foragers to Westwood Los Angelenos, reveals the emergence of distinct developmental trajectories for social behavior in different places (House et al., 2013). This pattern is broadly consistent with the presence of market institutions in these societies. Several theories suggest that cultural evolution has harnessed and extended aspects of our innate parochialism in forming nations and religions. Greek political culture has been characterized by a tension between, on the one hand, modern institutions and the participant values these have instilled, and on the other hand, the traditional/parochial values of the past. While the Greek political system proved surprisingly resilient during the post-dictatorship era, and Greece’s membership of the European Union entailed a process of Europeanization, the 2008 eurozone crisis exposed its inherent tensions and systemic weaknesses, revealing its propensity for instability, extremism, and illiberalism.


Researchers have also identified specific kinds of activities which can increase social closeness to others, including focused conversations (Aron et al., 1997), synchronized movement , and synchronized multisensory inputs (Paladino et al., 2010). Moreover, it appears that the capacity and propensity to differentiate social groups arises early in development (Kinzler et al., 2007). In the past decade, researchers have proposed a number of theories to account for these population differences in parochialism and to explain historical changes like those observed among Iban. In this paper, we clarify the diverse ways that scholars have operationalized parochialism, we outline and synthesize current hypotheses for cross-population variation in parochialism, and we discuss key methodological challenges in assessing these diverse economic and evolutionary hypotheses. The market integration hypothesis proposes that market norms emphasizing fair treatment of anonymous others have culturally evolved to sustain mutually beneficial exchanges in contexts demanding frequent interaction with strangers or ephemeral interactants.

  • But that doesn’t automatically mean that manipulative tactics will be a major part of how politics is done, because the “benefits” of manipulation are only there when other people are susceptible to being manipulated.
  • For example, in Kensington and Chelsea, the Taskforce witnessed the council embarking on a comprehensive programme to refresh its values via a series of events with staff which devised a new set of values from the bottom up and which were subsequently embedded in the council’s performance management system.
  • However, there are other, more domain-specific, hypotheses that propose that specific forms of insecurity may have parochial effects.
  • When first encountered by colonizers in the 19th century, Iban lived in communal long-houses of 100–200 people and made a living from farming rice and hunting .
  • Your work for the dissertation will be supervised by a member of staff with particular expertise of interest in the area chosen for study.

Sebald’s literary re-mapping of East Anglia; this module not only studies emerging forms of counter-mapping, but encourages students to engage in their own practice of re-mapping, re-walking, and re-appropriating the cityscape. The dissertation is an extended piece of written work of 10,000 words on a research topic of your choice . It is compulsory for all MA and MRes students who have passed all written papers and is undertaken after the Summer term (i.e. during the ‘vacation’ period). The dissertation comprises a critical review of the literature and/or original analysis of documentary and/or other evidence on a chosen topic within the fields of your programme. Your work for the dissertation will be supervised by a member of staff with particular expertise of interest in the area chosen for study.

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Countries that have political cultures that value tolerance, moderation, compromise and civility, democracy is easier to develop than in countries that do not have such political cultures. The demonisation of Alastair Campbell, and the cellphoneopods in Millbank, is an important part of a deeper campaign on the part of activists and traditional political hacks to retain their power over position. The only independent elected in the last three elections to Westminster was Martin Bell, and he would probably have failed had Labour and the Liberals not stood down.

Choose from a range of option modules that encourage you to work across areas of particular interest to you including practice-based Individual and Group project work, the politics of space, gender politics and human rights. Investigate the potential of art, material practice and trans-disciplinarity in times of political and cultural crisis. You will have the opportunity to interrogate the relationship between material practices and theoretical work, to work within constraints but also within the interstices of artistic, cultural, social and political practices. Each of these mechanisms would lead to different expectations about the time scale of response, from months, to decades, to centuries .

They also found support for an alternative hypothesis related to the material insecurity hypothesis (Hruschka and Henrich, 2013; Hackman and Hruschka, 2013a). Of course, such model comparison using observational data does not definitively show that the “winning” hypothesis is correct. The workings of power, authority and freedom have implications as much for our subjective, or psychic, organisation as they do for institutions and programmes of government. Psychoanalytic theory looks to the unconscious motivations of human behaviour and the strange, often perverse effects these can have on social relations. Ideas of leadership, cultural identity or personal choice, for example, involve identifications that often distort one’s sense of self and delimit its autonomy. Secret desires for subjugation to the powerful or the willful denial of suffering are central themes of psychoanalysis.