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Library Law Society library Our law library is free for members to use and offers a range of services to help with your research. We are the voice of solicitors, driving excellence in the profession and safeguarding the rule of law. Consultation responses We develop policy in response to proposals for changes in the law, which come from a variety of sources, including government departments and non-governmental organisations. Get advice on giving evidence in court as a witness or a victim including where to get help and support.

You might be able to take out a special insurance policy before the court case that’ll cover your costs if you lose. If you lose, you won’t usually pay your solicitor’s fee but you’ll still have to pay something. You might have to pay the other side’s costs and you might have to pay your solicitor’s expenses, for example, for medical or accident reports. A free or fixed-fee appointment can help you find out your rights and legal position.

Help with the costs of legal advice and representation in court if you can’t afford it. Who can help you if you need advice about a legal problem, such as debt, housing, benefits, employment, divorce or claims for money. Your solicitor will decide if you meet the financial eligibility limits under the advice and assistance scheme. Depending on your financial circumstances, you may have to pay something towards your advice and assistance in civil matters. Advocate only helps people who cannot afford to pay and cannot get legal aid.

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It’s important to check your agreement carefully before you sign it. If you win the case, the solicitor’s fees and expenses you agreed to will be taken from your compensation. You’ll usually be able to recover some costs from your opponent. View information about payment dates over the Easter, May Day and Platinum Jubilee public holidays 2022 and office opening hours.

  • Check if you can get legal aid to get help with civil cases.
  • For queries or advice about historical, social or cultural records relating to Northern Ireland, use the Public Record Office of Northern Ireland enquiry service.
  • You might need to pay something for the legal services you get.
  • Criminal legal aid helps people charged with a criminal offence.
  • A defendant’s solicitor may also be able to apply, on their behalf, for legal aid, advice and assistance, under the “Green Form” scheme, for initial consultations.

Some solicitors offer ‘no win, no fee’ as a way of paying for civil cases, such as personal injury. A no win, no fee agreement is sometimes known as a ‘conditional fee agreement’ . You must log in to your nidirect account and enter your personal identification number to see cases and requests or to send new applications or requests for legal aid.

Legal Aid

For queries or advice about employment rights, contact the Labour Relations Agency. You must log in to your nidirect account before you can create your LAMS account. Your case must be referred to the Advoate by a solicitor or advice agency such as a Citizens Advice, law centre or MP.

It’s a good way to find out whether it’s worth taking someone else to court or if you have a case that’s worth defending. You can also contact your nearest Citizens Advice to ask if they have a list of legal aid solicitors. There are 2 types of legal aid, for criminal and civil cases. Check if you can get legal aid to get help with civil cases. Your legal adviser will usually apply for legal aid on your behalf.

Advice And Assistance

Call the solicitor’s office to find out if they want you to bring any particular documents, such as a passport. You should make a note beforehand of what you need to say and find out. You could speak to an adviser at your nearest Citizens Advice to help you decide what questions to ask the solicitor. You can find out how to apply for exceptional case funding without using a legal professional on the Public Law Project website. If your case is going to court or a tribunal, you might get a volunteer barrister to represent you for free through Advocate.