Lawyer: 4 Duties of a Lawyer

Lawyer: 4 Duties of a Lawyer
Lawyer: 4 Duties of a Lawyer

A lawyer is someone who has the profession and authority of law enforcers. His position is equal to that of prosecutors, judges, and police. Along with other law enforcers.

Lawyers are part of the criminal justice system. Lawyers can offer their services, both inside and outside the court in the field of law for individuals, institutions, companies, and legal entities to become legal consultants, accompany and defend cases, exercise the power of attorney, or other assistance in the legal realm. A lawyer usually has heavy duties and responsibilities, some of which are:

Lawyer Handling legal issues or cases

Lawyers play a role in analyzing and explaining legal issues, explaining legal rules and their arrangement systematically, namely through systematic problem analysis and identification. Define, create, and apply legal concepts. Elaborating and using awards, judgments, classifications, and theories to resolve disputes between parties in (opposite) legal matters.

Lawyer Responsible for clients

Lawyers who have been contracted by clients (individuals/institutions/entities) must provide legal consultation, represent, accompany, and defend cases from the beginning of the case, trial in court, until the end or closing of the case. Lawyers make sure the client gets his rights. Even though he was accompanied by the defendant, the lawyer remained faithful to accompany him in accordance with Law no. 8 of 1981 concerning the Criminal Procedure Code, Articles 54 and 55, as well as the Law on Judicial Power Article 8 paragraph 1 by applying the principle of presumption of innocence.

Play a role in guarding the constitution and human rights

Lawyers are also responsible for overseeing the current constitution. This includes interpreting or enforcing the rule of law, fighting for human rights, and providing information about the legal system or other legal matters through the media and/or public speeches. In addition, it also analyzes, studies, and describes the facts and events that occurred.

Spreading legal knowledge

As people who are considered to have extensive knowledge of the law, lawyers also have a responsibility to continue to spread legal knowledge. In addition, lawyers must also continue to study in order to enrich their legal knowledge.

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