Wrong Way Car Accidents and The Damages Caused

No person is exempt from being in a car accident at any time in their life, whether you are a driver or a pedestrian. Unfortunately, car accidents have become a daily situation, even more so when you live in a big and busy city. That is why you need to have the support of a lawyer specializing in car accidents.

Dangerous Driving

Drivers traveling in the opposite direction are very dangerous because other drivers are not aware that a vehicle is going to go in the opposite direction. Therefore, they react too late, causing accidents and injuries. Wrong way car accidents usually involve a high-speed frontal impact that often results in devastating injuries or fatality. Collision survivors typically must deal with residual, long-term problems that can affect their entire lives. Survivors often must undergo extensive therapy, ongoing rehabilitation, and numerous surgeries to achieve even a semblance of normalcy. Not only are these treatments expensive, but they can also interfere with your ability to hold a job, enjoy extracurricular activities, or lead a normal life.

Why Do Wrong-Way Accidents Occur?

Wrong way car accidents can happen for a variety of reasons, but there are a few factors that can increase the likelihood of it. Those factors can be divided into two categories: Signaling and Driver Error.

Signaling problems that can result in WWD collisions include:

  • Lack of signage, such as no “DO NOT ENTER”, “WRONG ROAD”, “No Left/Right Turn”, “No U-Turn” and “ONE WAY” signs;
  • Signs are placed in the wrong places, in confusing places, or in places where there is poor visibility;
  • Poorly lit signs;
  • Poorly designed road entrances and exits; Y
  • The lack of arrows in the lane, which are used to avoid a maneuver in the wrong way.

The Causes

Wrong way car accidents that are the result of driver error typically stem from one of the following causes:

  • Distracted Driving;
  • Driver’s age and impairments that come with advancing age, such as visual or hearing impairment;
  • Influence of alcohol or drugs;
  • Cross to the other half of the street;
  • Driving in inclement weather conditions, such as torrential rain, heavy snow, or during a dust storm;
  • Operate a motor vehicle just before sunrise or just after sunset;
  • Driving on unknown roads;
  • Driving while drowsy; either
  • Driving with a known mental condition.

Because most wrong-way car accidents tend to occur between midnight and 3:00am, drugs and alcohol are speculated to be the leading cause of wrong-way driving collisions. Additionally, findings presented by the National Transportation Safety Board show that people over the age of 70 are overrepresented as being at fault in many wrong-way driving accidents. Poor vision is believed to be the reason for this.

Get Legal Help After a Wrong Driving Collision

In some wrong way car accidents, proving liability is easy and seamless. A person may have driven the wrong way despite clear signs and a non-confusing entrance ramp, or crossed a boundary, and collided with a driver who did nothing wrong more than being in the wrong place at the wrong time. There are also cases where responsibility is not so easy. For example, if there were no signs indicating a one-way street, or if an already confusing entrance was marked by signs hidden by bushes, the fault could lie with the local or state government. Regardless of the situation, however, the fact is that you were seriously injured by a wrong way driver, and you deserve to be compensated.

Contact an Attorney

Most car accident attorneys are dedicated to helping accident victims recover compensation for injuries caused by negligent drivers. If you were involved in a wrong-way car accident that left you with a life-changing, paralyzing injury, don’t wait and contact a reputable law firm today.

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